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I posted this on Thursday, hoping it might attract a little more attention than it did. The article argues that British Hindu support for Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’ attack on Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged ‘anti-semitism ‘ belies a right-wing tendency towards ideological totalitarianism in which dissent is not permitted.

So far, the only response received from [insert politically-correct, non “anti-semitic” collective appellation] is that to refer to Jewish people living in Britain as “British Jews” is “anti-semitic.” There is no such thing as “British Jews,” rather, a diverse bunch with different views. Let’s try again then, with “Jewish Voters in the 2019 UK Election.” Or let’s go one better, one safer, and refer in fact to what is important here about these people, their vote on 12 December 2019.

Not the ‘warfare’ carried out daily against Palestinians by a heavily armed apartheid state commandeered by a corrupt ruling class, but the post-truth info war being carried out across the media-sphere today.

So determined and active is the “anti-semitism” campaign that many people turn away from it. It’s too hot. Too dangerous. The Jews have had a tough time of it, so let them alone. Israel is their homeland, their sanctuary. Without it, they’re helplessly exposed to the predations of the far right in Europe. Again. Synagogues are being attacked. Jews abused on the tube.

Remember after 9/11 when British Muslims were called upon to stand up and denounce Osama bin Laden? Or when Black People were called upon to denounce Mike Tyson? Of course it was revealed that British Muslims were a diverse bunch. That Black People are a diverse bunch. Of course British Jews are a diverse bunch. At the end of the day, we are all human beings.

Then why is it so difficult for some Jewish people to distinguish criticism of human rights abuses in Israel and those territories it has invaded, attacked and continues to illegally occupy, from the groundless hostility of racism? Why do so many choose to identify — epigenetically — as Holocaust Victims? It’s in our cells. We remember what they did to our grandfathers and grandmothers. Does this ‘muscle memory’ justify the overwhelming response to Israeli casualties over the years?

Yet the war continues. Amongst the rubble in Gaza. Before our eyes in the UK.

Icon of “British Jewishness” (therefore, according to “British Jews”, we must presume, anti-semitic, like the Robinson’s jam golliwog is racist) Maureen Lipman, has leant her Jewishness (preserved in a jar since the British Telecom adverts of the 80s) to the billionaire-backed smokescreen MainstreamUK with this video.

Good old Beattie. Unmistakably British and Jewish. The Voice of British Telecom, no less.

The video is propaganda.

There is no evidence presented here, or anywhere else, other than anecdotes about “bullying and hectoring” recycled in the media.

What has actually been said or done and who said or did it and to whom? This should be the firm and staunch question asked, and by now, certainly if there is such a horrific outbreak of antisemitism destroying the Labour party, as Lipman and friends would have us believe, there should be evidence. Statements, images, tweets, letters.

But there is only hearsay, and here and there, a few early and tragic casualties like Ken Livingstone, who trod on criticise-Israel land mines. Repeat the hearsay enough, and with newspaper headlines around it, and it starts to look like fact. This is what Chief Rabbi Mirvis is doing.

There has been a concerted campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, which has from the outset sought to discredit him in any way it can, because he does not fit the right wing (let’s just call it what it is, Zionist) agenda when it comes to the Middle East.

There have been more than enough slips of the game, from Cambridge Analytica to Trump’s Russian affairs to AL Jazeera’s painstaking exposure of Israeli interference in British politics) to reveal beyond reasonable doubt that this war is paid for by rich, powerful, unelected men pursuing a ruthless, capitalist agenda, blind to any interest save its own. That self-interest is what you call pulling the drawbridge up.

The billionaires know that climate change, extreme weather and socio-political collapse will displace unprecedented numbers of people. Ever the entrepreneurs, the billionaires see the opportunity in all this to make a lot more money, sustain and consolidate positions of power in the new global territory as it emerges. “Someone has to be in charge. And that someone is damn-well going to be us.”

We are at the threshold of a paradigm change. A bifurcation in evolution, in fact. A Kali Yuga. A Pachakuti. Here are your options:

If you’ve got the dough and the track record of not calling Israel out on crimes against humanity, you could wind up in a neo-city in the desert, like Neom, brainchild of Crown Prince Salman, Saudi mover-shaker and ally of Israel (as proxy versus Iran).

  • Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu face impeachment, the most serious scrutiny a head of state can come under
  • Crown Prince Salman is widely known to have ordered the assassination of exiled journalist Jamal Kashoggi, whose dissenting voice he had long sought to silence
  • Israeli links with the Gulf states are well documented, and driven by “shared animosity towards Iran, and by the disruptive new policies of Donald Trump.”

If you have a conscience, and value it, then you recognise that salvation cannot come at the expense of someone else. The idea is to go out with a clear conscience. No regrets, from as expanded a perspective as your earthly conscience can manage. You know, when the veil comes off and you see what was really there, your conscience still has to hold up. If there are regrets at that stage, it’s kinda too late to put stuff right. Right?

Of course, the average Jew has about as much control over Israeli army and airforce retaliation for a banger thrown over the wall as anyone else. Yet the average Jew must accept, as we must all accept, that to allow something to be done in our name risks being seen — by others, by our own conscience, by God — as complicit with it.

Here is the real risk to Jews — British, Voting or otherwise:

Allowing the propaganda of Ephraim Mirvis, Jonathan Sacks, Melanie Philipps, Maureen Lipman, Rachel Riley, The Sun, The Telegraph, Andrew Neil and others mount in a pre-election snowdrift of groundless allegations may gain the billionaire-backed Tories under Boris Johnson another term. It might help Trump and Bibi too. How? That is a question answered by unpicking lines of power and money among the billionaires behind them.

A vote against Corbyn is a vote for more:

  • war crimes against Palestinian men, women and children
  • groundless accusations, i.e. slander, used to take people down in politics
  • criminal activities of an out-of-control, secretly nuclear-armed state at the behest of Christian fundamentalist lobbies in the US
  • complicity with corruption and misinformation.

Christian fundamentalism? Oh yes. Have a peek at Capitol Hill documentary series The Family to get started. What’s the agenda in a nutshell? Bring on Armageddon via nuclear showdown, probably with Iran, Messiah returns, Jews realise the Church was right. The US church that is, in other words Jesus is White and White is Right.

Maybe that is the way it has to go, such hugely powerful vested interests have been leaning on the ropes for a very long time.

Dear Jew, Dear Everyone…

Just as the Right see opportunity in the current chaos to perpetuate the same divisive lies that have scuppered human evolution for so long, so do we see opportunity for erasing those lines through intelligent, honest inquiry of self, situation and other.

It is patently obvious to me that Corbyn is neither racist, extremist nor anti-semitic.

The stakes are too high for lazy mud-slinging. Jews — British, voting and otherwise — have voiced their objections privately, collectively and publicly to denounce the misinformation campaign against Mr Corbyn, just as they have voiced objections over and over to Israeli racism and extremism in action.

The call is for all of us — especially Jews — not to count on the conscience-whitewash of identification as epigenetic “holocaust survivors” but to be counted with the courageous, dissenting voices who will not stand for a crime against Jewishness and against the British People to be carried out in their name.

Come on folks. Let’s sort this mess out together! Salaams & shaloms.

#VoteCorbyn for #realchange and #hope.

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